HBE Security is a Perth based electronic security consultancy with world-class credentials in security system integrations.

HBE was formed to provide a more sophisticated service utilising quality security products. Developing a smart, risk-based security strategy for your organisation is no longer optional. It’s good business sense to provide durable and effective protection for your business assets, staff and IP. In an environment where technology is rapidly developing your ability to provide this has never been more affordable.

Our underlying business philosophy is to deliver above and beyond our customers expectation with emphasis on competitive pricing, on-time delivery and operating within budget. HBE’s security strategy extends from the initial implementation to on-going maintenance and business risk assessments - crucial factors in today's fast paced and competitive environment.

HBE’s mission is to deliver all projects in a safe and efficient manner by upholding our health and safety responsibilities. Our commitment begins with our site specific JSA’s, site inductions and regular toolbox meetings. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver multiple technology platforms in-house, which removes the need for multiple sub-contractors. With a highly skilled and experienced team, HBE’s innovative business solutions help improve operational efficiency, security, safety and allows for greater integration across your distributed enterprise.

HBE saves time, effort and costs for many customers, including some of the largest companies in the fields of Law Enforcement and Custodial Care, Corporate business, Government and Mining and Resources.